Life style support

We all lead really busy lives making money and having fun! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a team of super heroes that could take care of some of the jobs around that house that take up our valuable time. You may already have a cleaner, but that still hasn’t freed you up that precious space in your mind. All those questions……..

Let me help you out!

What’s for dinner?

When is the dry cleaning being collected?

Did i forget to buy a birthday card for Auntie Mildred?

Who used the last of the toothpaste?

Why is there never anything to eat in the cupboards?

Did you book a table for Uncle Geoff’s birthday party?

What day is the plumber coming?

When is the house insurance due?

Oh no the cleaner has cancelled, what do we do?

How do I find time to arrange a weekend away?