Business life support

Do you find yourself spending time on tasks that you would rather not, or jobs that take you away from doing what you love or what earns you money? It sounds like you could do with outsourcing some of the workload. It’s great to be busy but better to be working smart. When you are in a position to focus all of your attention on running a successful business, you will reap the rewards!

Life style support

I passionately believe that a well run and organised house is what is needed to create a happy home. It’s ok to ask for help and sometimes an extra pair of hands for a couple of hours has a huge impact on the rest of your life. By putting process, routines and systems in place, households run smoothly with less management and lower costs. More time and money for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Virtual Assistant?

If you have ever said “There aren’t enough hours in the day”, then yes, you need a virtual assistant.

What can a virtual assistant do?

Think of any tasks and jobs that you haven’t got time to do, that you find tedious, that take your focus away, stop you progressing forward or you just don’t want to even think about. They are the things a virtual assistant can help you with.

Who Hires a Virtual Assistant?

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, busy Mums, manic Dads, silver surfers, creatives, professionals and everyone in between.

Do I have to commit to set hours?

You can chose to pay by the half hour on an ad hoc basis, you can commit to set hours each week or chose a monthly retainer package. The choice is yours and can remain flexible.

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